YouTube and Twitch Channel Designs

I created these designs in my own time for the Games Dev Department as students were asked to help with the channels, a few designs will be picked for use. First I would like to talk about what was created by myself, I made a logo which I thought was suitable for both Twitch and YouTube, this way they will look more professional and be easier to recognise if a person knows of one channel or the other. I also put together two banners, one for the YouTube channel and one for the Twitch channel, these had to be correctly sized so they were optimal for the desired position. The optimal YouTube banner size is 2560 x 1440 pixels, whereas the recommended size for the Twitch banner is 1920 x 480 px.

I was inspired by this design from the present Twitter profile picture for the Game Dev course, it is a pixelated West Cheshire College logo in the centre with some space invaders involved. The Core Cannon was also beneath the logo firing into it, with parts of the logo missing due to ‘previous firing damage’ from the cannon. I took this design idea and incorporated it into the newly created logo, and also pushed the theme of the well-renowned game- Space Invaders, this was because it was safe to say it is one of the most well-known games to this day, with all ranges of audiences understanding it’s meaning and purpose. I did also think about putting other useful link on the banner themselves, but opted to not go with them on the YouTube banner as the website already has a built-in service to place links in the corner of you banner, I came to the conclusion that this was a lot more professional.

I used a basic sprite sheet for the Invaders characters, then used the pen tool in photoshop to make the background transparent. I also used a background from an updated version of the game to make it more pleasing to the eye compared to just a plain black background. I also made sure all of the sprites and icons/links were in the optimal place, especially in Twitch, where I had to be very precise. This is because when you open the chat window on the right of the screen, it covers a fair bit of the banner, if I didn’t take this into account, it could have looked very unprofessional, very easily.


This is the image I used for the sprite cut-outs.


This is the image I used for the backgrounds of the banners and logo.


This is the logo which I exported from Photoshop.


This is the banner I created, specifically for the Twitch channel.

This is the YouTube-optimised banner, it is very large and quite bare in a lot of places, but this was done purposely, as this would look better across all platforms. When on a desktop (most common use), the banner works flawlessly with the channel header.

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