Session 7 – Alpha Maps

In this session I created an alpha map from an original diffuse map, then I applied both to a template model in 3DS Max. Below is the original diffuse map I used to create the Alpha map.


After importing this diffuse into Photoshop, I easily created an alpha map by selecting the outside of the leaf, filling it as black. I then selected the leaf image itself and filled it in white. Below is the finished alpha map.


After having both the diffuse and alpha map finished, I then opened the template model in 3DS Max. Below, is that model.


I opened the material editor and applied the diffuse and alpha map to a texture ball, I then simply dragged and dropped the material ball onto each plane. Below is the finished product, showing the material ball next to it.



Alpha Maps Extended…

After the first mesh was completed, I went on to create my own chain-linked fence using the alpha map procedure. Below is the original diffuse map, the edited alpha map, the starting plane in 3DS Max, the finished texture, and the tillable texture in practice.