Session 6 – Seemless Textures

In this session, we learnt to create seamless textures in Photoshop using the offset filter and the clone stamp tool. I have taken screenshots to show how I went about creating a seamless brick texture from a none seamless image.


I first imported the original brick image into Photoshop so that I could start editing.


I then selected the marquee tool and set the style to ‘Fixed Size’. Using the measurements 1024x1024px to make sure I select the correct size portion.


I simply clicked on the image and moved the selection box to the desired position. I made sure to select the optimal section of brickwork so that making it seamless isn’t a huge task. I then pressed Ctrl+C to copy the selection.


I created a new Photoshop document with the size 1024x1024px, the same size as the copied texture.


This is the image pasted into the newly created document, I called it SeamlessTexture.psd.


I used the offset tool in filters to offset the image by exactly half the canvas/image size.


This is the offset image, as you can see, there are  seams going through the centre of the image, these need to be corrected to make it look like they aren’t there.


I used the clone stamp tool to cure the seams across the centre. this image is still offset but the seems have been edited out.


To get the original non-offset image back, I simply used the offset tool again. That is then the finished seamless texture.


This shows that the texture is seamless and can be repeated over and over without seams.