Session 5 – Textures

Our first task was to source textures from a reliable source, we used We had to find an applicable brick, metal and concrete diffuse textures, so that we could apply other diffuse textures and make them look more interesting and ‘believable’. Below are my 3 textures that I sourced.


The next step was to use these textures and combine them with other textures such as mould, blood or damage, so that they can be more interesting. This would be important when applying these textures to objects in a game, as the player will see a more believable material and it would make them feel more involved. Below are my unique textures I created using the source I stated earlier.


With the brick wall, I applied a graffiti texture and transformed them to make them more unique to my diffuse map. I also used a blood splatter to increase the interest and ‘story’ behind the wall, I used the clone stamp too to increase the size of the splatter without making it look out of place.

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