Session 4 – Fast Food Tray

On this page I will be showing the steps I took when making a fast food tray. I used the tools I have covered previously, but also used a couple of new ones including the shell and bend tools.


First I began with the modelling of the tray, it started as a simple plane and then I inset once to form the top lip, then I inset it once more and moved the selection down a little bit to create the lower plane of the tray.


Next, I Created the classic fast food-styled drink with a basic cylinder, resizing, insetting and extruding to get the basic form. I then made an extrusion of the last inset I made to create the shape of the straw. To finish off the drink model, I used the bend tool to get the believable look of the drinking straw, removed the end cap and made a shell of the straw to give it more form.


This is the beginning of the chip box, as you can see it was created with just a simple cylinder primitive, which was then resized with the gizmo on one axis to arrive at the form shown above.


I deleted the top cap of the cylinder to open the top up for some fries. After doing that, I moved the edges symmetrically to create the top and bottom shape of the ‘box of fries’.


To create the simple burger box model, I just took a cube primitive and made it so it has two vertical segments, this way I could select the central line all the way around and resize it to bring the sides to the shape you see above. To finish the box off, I inset on of the lips on the side and extruded the selection a little.


To make it seem like a completed model I though it was necessary to include the fries themselves. To make them, I used cube primitives and just reshaped them by moving around the edges a little. After making half a dozen or so, I simply duplicated the ones I had made and rotated and resized them to create the look of a set of varied fries. Finally, I placed them into the fries box and made sure they fitted nicely, moving the bottom chips slightly out to make them seem easier on the eyes.


Above is the finished model of the fast food tray. After completing this I looked back and realised that if I were to make a slightly higher poly count on this model I would use the modifier, shell, on the fries box and the tray itself to give it a more appealing look.

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