Session 3B – Oil Drum

This page will be to show how I created an oil drum model. I used several tools, including the inset and extrude tools, but also the bridge and connect tools, to create the shape of the barrel and to optimise the edges on the cap of the drum so that it is a lot easier to work with.


First I used the primitives tool to create the basic cylindrical shape and then used the precise measurement tools to make the dimensions the desired size. I then converted it to an editable poly.


I highlighted all of the verticle edges and then clicked the connect tool, changed it to 2 connecting edges, and clicked the tick to confirm.


I went into the display command panel and turned on the visibility for the triangles. I also highlighted the edges I created and extruded them to my desired size. As you can see another step I took was I selected the cap of the cylinder, inset it and extruded downwards to an applicable place. The last step I did to arrive at this stage of the creation was I just inset the centre again to the rough size of a oil drum cap, I then extruded it upwards to create the visual appearance of the cap.


The last step I did was to optimise the model for easy manipulation, I selected all of the edges on the cap of the cylinder and deleted them with the ‘delete’ key so that it also deletes the faces too. I then highlighted the outside edges of the cap of the cylinder (apart from 2 opposite sides), then I used the bridge tool to connect them neatly and uniformly.

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