Session 3A – First Mesh

I created a very basic cube-shaped crate to get myself going with 3DS Max, it didn’t take very long thankfully- around 20 minutes. It is my first finished model this year of college in the software, so hopefully I will improve quite quickly from here on out. First I created the basic geometrical shape of a crate using the Inset and Extrude tools, then I made sure there weren’t any unnecessary polygons hiding in the model, as this would make the unwrapping more difficult and it would not be very well optimised for games.


After that, I added the modifiers, UV Map and UVWUnwrap to the editable polygon. I then opened the UV editor, and overlapped the mappings of the polys to ensure the texture was well-optimised for the shape of the model. I rendered the UV Unwrap and saved the file.


After doing that, I modified a texture so that it could be wrapped seamlessly. I then placed the texutre over the top of the Unwrap to get the correct size, then saved it as a .PNG file for use in 3DS Max.


Finally, in Max, I opened the material editor and applied the new modified unwrap texture to the model. It worked just as I wanted it to with no faults, although if I were to do it again I would probably rotate some of the unwrapped faced of the model to create more of a natural look.


Here is the link to any files used in this little project:

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