Questionnaire and Results

Over the course of a couple of sessions, we were asked to create a questionnaire with the theme of gaming, several of the different question type and learning progressively as we go through the creation. Before producing the questionnaire, I did some research on other types and looked out for which type of questions were asked and in what situation. I realised that a multiple choice question is a popular choice, this is because it proves to be the best way for people to get involved as it takes the least effort and effectively gives the questioned person the answer. When researching frequency of questions, I discovered that There tend not to be many open-ended questions on the most effective examples. Although this type of question provides the most explanation and information, it also takes the most effort as it incurs the questioned to structure an answer for themselves. Getting the correct types and quantity of questions is absolute key when composing a questionnaire, as it decides whether it is a successful one or not, not many people at all will write paragraphs of words for free and with no benefit to themselves, and thats just the way it is. The most accessible questionnaires are usually the most successful.

10 questions was the amount that we had to provide for our gaming-orientated questionnaire, i thought the right amount of open-ended questions should be between 1 and 3, so I aimed for this. I wanted to try and include a variety of questions that were relevant and effective for information about people’s gaming lives. While creating, I found that on one of the questions, the best answer would be an opinion option. Unfortunately I thought that just random emotions for the multiple choice answers wouldn’t be beneficial for the questionnaire at all, so I decided to research ‘Opinion Scale’ and found that the best way to describe feeling while being accurate and meaningful was to use the Likert scale. I included 2 questions that were not multiple choice (written); one was general and if it were to be a multiple choice question, there would be way to many choices and would be ineffective and a waste. That question led into another as i then questioned the answer they gave for the first section of this question, I felt this was a good way to get information that couldn’t be gained from a multiple choice. Below is the questionnaire that was created. If i were to change anything, I would improve on the open ended questions, be less broad and I would make it / them more focussed on a specific topic.

Gaming Questionnaire

After creating the most effective questionnaire I could, the class then were to go around the room answering each other’s questionnaires and leaving their answers available to the creator. Obviously, this isn’t the usual amount of receivers people usually aim to have as I only ended up getting around 8 results, but the theory behind it sticks and it gives us the opportunity to see the answers to the questions we composed. I decided to apply the results to spreadsheet software (Numbers on Mac OS X). This way, I could easily organise the answers and questions into a table so it is easily visible and much easier to digest. After creating each table for the questions, I thought i would then create graphs from the results so that the information will be very easy to consume and therefore be more effective. For someone who had never seen the questions or the answers before, I made it so they could visibly see the trend in answers and come to their own conclusion instantly, even without looking at the actual figures. I generally used bar charts for the multiple choice questions, as I thought they were the best way to display the results of those types. There was on question where I thought a pie chart would be more effective, this was a ‘Yes or No’ question. For the written results, the best way I found to compile these results was just to put them in an organised table where the questions and answers could be cross referenced for ease of consumption. Below is the results I compiled. If I could improve on anything in the results, it would be to find a better way to show the written answers, as if this were a realistically-distributed, it would be unreasonable to display them this way.

Gaming Questionnaire Results

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