About Me

Hi, my name is Richard and i’m studying on a Games Development course at West Cheshire College in Ellesmere Port. I started this course at the age of 19, with previous experience of further education. I was unhappy at the previous college, but this course has turned out a lot better. This blog is a summary of all of the work I have done over the 2 year course. I hope to become a games developer in Japan one day as I love the country in general and have been wanting to live there since I was around 12 years old. I am currently doing my best to learn the language and by the time it comes to going into the industry I hope to have enough understanding of the language to be able to comfortably interact with the natives. I love working with others and I like hearing their opinions and suggestions so that I can reflect on their advice. Not only do I greatly appreciate constructive criticism, I have a huge passion for games and the work/creators behind them, so I believe I will thrive in the games industry.

A snapshot of the Chief from the Halo franchise.

A snapshot of ‘The Chief’ from the Halo franchise.

My hobbies vary a lot, I love to draw and create music, I also love to game on various platforms such as Xbox 360, PC, iOS and more. I like to know how things work too, so I tend to take things apart to know whats inside that makes them ‘tick’. I am a very big fan of cars and I have been since a very young age. As far as gaming goes, I enjoy most types of game genre and would try anything out, I just believe that a game is only as good as the people behind it and their teamwork. My favorite types of games include Racing, Fighting, RPG, RTS, MMO and FPS, If  I had to choose my favorite series of games it would be a very close battle between Halo and Final Fantasy. If I did go into the games industry in Japan I would love to work with the people behind Final Fantasy (Square Enix), or just see how their workflow differs, if at all, from other game developers. I also thoroughly enjoy watching Anime and due to this, I went to a Studio Ghibli Exhibition in Japan in 2010, it was very enjoyable and interesting, I hope to go again in the future. I welcome any questions, if there are things I may have missed on this page! I will mostly post subjects involving: Gaming, Tech, Anime, Art and occasionally Music, if you are interested in reading, admiring or listening to any of these things then I welcome you to follow!

This is all of the main characters from the anime, Clannad.

This is all of the main characters from the anime, Clannad.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog!

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