A little info about me!

Hi my name is Richy, I do have an about me page that covers most of what you need to know! Nevertheless, here is a few things that may not be on there. I am 19 Years Old. Some of my favourite music is quite mixed as I don’t usually have a preference of genre, more of a preference of what mood I’m in. I like a lot of popular music and I usually sway towards positively-styled music that makes you feel good and has a lot of energy. Some of my favourite artists are, Calvin Harris, Ellie Ghoulding, Sigma, Disclosure and Daft Punk. Don’t get the wrong idea though, I enjoy many different types of music like Rock, Alternative, Metal, Hip-hop and Pop.

I love to play many types of games, regardless of whether its on PC, Xbox, Nintendo or Playstation, but I own a PC which I play primarily, and the Xbox platforms. I stopped swaying towards the Playstation after the PS2, purely because after the Original Xbox, I felt like that was the platform for me with titles like Dead Or Alive, and Project Gotham Racing. Although I did miss having quite a few of the Final Fantasy titles which were Playstation exclusive!

I joined the Games Development Course because I have a huge pssion for games and for as long as I can remember, when playing games I always seem to have an idea which I would’ve liked in the game or would like to change. This course will provide me with the knowledge to one day have a hand in creating my own game and inputting my own ideas into a game, whatever the genre may be.

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